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Most frequent questions and answers for Kota Kinabalu flower delivery

Yes you can pickup from my house at Lot 34, Taman Yakim Jaya (opposite Kian Kok High School)

Due to family commitments, the best time to pick up is 2pm-4pm. Or else you’ll need to wait while I am giving my son shower! 🙂

We deliver within 15km radius from KK area only. Read more at delivery information.

Yes, but need to plan few days ahead because I have to arrange with my hubby first! (Ahem he look after the kids while I deliver the flowers)

Our selectively limit our flower choices to minimize our overhead expenses. However, please get in touch with us.

You can reach me directly at 016-8408028. However the best is send me message because my phone is always in silent mode! (avoid waking up my sons during their nap time, it became habit…)

We require minimum 6 hours order for fastest delivery – do get in touch with us any questions.

We Are Stay-At-Home Moms Who Have Energy To Get Things Done!

This little flower shop is managed by 2 home-based mummies, who are looking after 2 adorable kiddos of their own. With limited time and limited resources, they wanted to prove to their husbands that they have the capability to manage an online store, so here is the flower shop!

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